The office

PLAN ARQUITECTURA is a Spanish technical office, whose field of interest and activity reaches any aspect of ARCHITECTURE, DESIGN AND URBAN PLANNING. In this sense, PLAN ARQUITECTURA adapts the range of its services to the client’s particular wishes and needs, from initial concept sketches or preliminary lay-outs to fully finished “turn-key” constructions.

After more than three decades of trajectory, PLAN ARQUITECTURA has, in some instances, performed the traditional role of the ARCHITECT OR DESIGNER, engaged in multidisciplinary teams. In other situations, responding to the client´s demands, PLAN ARQUITECTURA has  championed the full process, acting also as PROJECT OR CONSTRUCTION MANAGERS. LICENSE Procurement is also included in the scope of PLAN ARQUITECTURA´s services, having obtained those of very iconic buildings.

PLAN ARQUITECTURA has a long experience of residential dwellings, single-family houses, offices and outstanding buildings, but its main field of interest is that  related to hotels and resorts (CONTRACT).

PLAN ARQUITECTURA is BASED IN MADRID, but has a local office in Barcelona. In 25 years of professional activity, PLAN ARQUITECTURA has been engaged on different projects all around Spain as well as some other commissions abroad: France, Portugal, Poland, Cuba, etc. PLAN ARQUITECTURA has worked very often for international clients and its professionals (architects, engineers, designers…) are used to working not only in Spanish, but also in English, German, French and Catalan.